Reconstructive Surgery

More than the Aesthetics

While many surgical procedures are cosmetic and performed by choice, sometimes individuals are in need of surgery to address medical and physical issues related to accidents, cancer, or other types of incidents. If you have experienced an unfortunate event or previous surgery that left scars or wounds, our team can perform the necessary reconstructive surgery to correct said problems. At Keystone Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, we can provide the professional services you need.

The following are the reconstructive surgery procedures we offer:

  • Traumatic Injury Repair: We can immediately repair wounds with suturing, manipulation, or triage skills. Bony fractures, ligament tears, facial injuries, extremity trauma, and burns can be covered by our dedicated staff.
  • Breast Reconstruction: Many women have lost their breasts due to cancer or the risk of cancer. Now it is possible for us to remove a breast and reconstruct a new one before you even wake up from surgery.
  • Facial Reconstruction: We offer aesthetics with functional repair. Dr. Shannon has an approach to manage facial traumatic injuries to the mandible, facial bones, and appendages, such as the ears and nose.
  • Scar Revision/ Removal: Surgical treatments and accidents can cause unfortunate scarring. We use tissue transfer and skin grafting techniques to help solve a variety of scarring issues and problems that you may experience.
  • Skin Cancer Reconstruction: We have innovative techniques to address the effects of skin cancer, one of the most common forms of cancer. If you suffered from skin cancer, allow us to provide the necessary reconstructive surgery you may need.
  • Wound Healing: We address both acute and chronic wounds. Some wounds are a result of trauma, while others are caused by advanced age-related organ system failure. Our team can help relieve the look and feel of wounds.

To learn more about all our reconstructive surgical procedures, call us today at (936) 321-4345. We can answer any questions you might have and get you on the path to the right procedure.


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