Buttock/Arm/Thigh Lifts

When weight loss and exercise routines combine to leave remnant tissue sag, surgery tends to be the only option which can produce rejuvenation. Sagging, in elastic tissue is often a problem in the areas where fat no longer exists to hold up disproportionate skin. These areas are usually confined to the buttock, upper arms and thighs. Well placed incisions can be performed to surgically reset hanging tissue and perform routine tightening on closure. At Keystone, surgery is confined to areas of crease lines to hide scars and diminish the potential for raised or widened blemishes.
Arm tucks or brachioplasties remove fat and skin placing the incision in the inner aspect of the upper arm. Thigh lifts can be performed at the groin creases and achieve results confining scars to the immediate pant line. Buttock tucks are more difficult since they often times complete a circumferential scar of the abdominoplasty or belly tuck. These scars, which remaining low on the buttock require a period of rest to allow for tucked tissue to heal. Drains can be useful in ensuing that fluid gain is more easily dissipated and garments tend to be worn to assist in managing the effects of gravity on scar potential. Each client is assessed and a program of skin excess reduction performed according to individual needs.


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